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Why Hire A Personal Injury Or Accident Attorney To Represent You?

If you have been hurt, injured, or involved in an accident – a lawyer can help you get compensation for others’ negligence.

So you know why hire a personal injury or accident attorney to represent you?

There are around three million people nonfatally injured in motor vehicle accidents across the United States each year. A small portion of these accidents is fatal. Motor vehicle accidents include car accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and semi-truck / truck accidents. The common causes of motor vehicle accidents include erratic driving, drunk driving, texting while driving, speeding, and non-adherence to traffic and safety rules.

The consequences of a motor vehicle accident can be life-altering. If you have been involved in a car accident, you should consult a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Getting representation can help you focus on your recovery while your attorney takes all the necessary steps to help you or a loved one get full and just compensation for your injuries. In most cases, an attorney will help you collect more compensation (even after attorneys fees) than those people that handle their accident or injury claim on their own.

There are many reasons that you should hire an attorney to represent you if you have been hurt or injured due to someone else’s negligence. If you have been hurt, injured, or involved in an accident – a lawyer can help you get compensation for others’ negligence. The Insurance Companies Goal Is To Pay Out At Little As Possible

The first thing you need to understand is that when you are involved in a situation whereby you have been hurt or injured, you will be negotiating with an insurance company for compensation. The Insurance Companies objective or goal as a business is to NOT pay a claim or to pay out as little as possible. Insurance companies make more money when they pay out fewer claims.

Insurance companies can use whatever you say against you. Think about it in these terms, if you were arrested for a crime you didn’t commit, you probably wouldn’t talk to a prosecutor or law enforcement without a lawyer present. The same holds true for communicating with insurance companies. Because people don’t deal with insurance companies on a daily basis, if they decide to make a statement they may say something that the insurance company can use against them to reduce their compensation.

Remember insurance adjusters are trained to pay out the least that they can — that is their job! The bottom line is that you may inadvertently admit fault — remember the Insurance Companies are in the business to make money. They train their adjusters to minimize the amount they payout, even on completely valid claims. Additionally, an insurance company representative may try and obtain a statement from you or ask questions hoping that you inadvertently admit full or partial liability or fault. This can impact your ability to recover compensation that is fair and just.

Auto accident lawyers can help you with a wide range of issues, such as lost wages, lost future earnings, medical expenses, future medical care, pain, and physical suffering, grief and mental suffering, wrongful death, property destruction, and any other potential damage claims. A motor vehicle accident attorney will gather all the information necessary to build your case. An accident lawyer can help you with medical records, medical bills, insurance policy information, security camera footage, police records, and help you your case with the use of experts like economists and private investigators.

An experienced car accident lawyer can help you to negotiate with the insurance defense attorney outside of the courtroom or go to trial if needed and present your case in the best light possible to help you get the compensation and justice that you are entitled to.

What Is The Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Process?

First, we need to understand all the facts and circumstances of your accident. We need to understand what expenses and damages have been incurred due to the negligence of others. Additionally, in many cases, we need to gather other outside information such as and medical records and police reports, etc. Once we have examined all of the facts – can we understand and determine what the economic losses are and the non-economic damages for a motor vehicle accident case.

What Are Economic Losses?

Economic losses include hospital and medical bills, loss of income, and can include property damage, etc… Basically, these losses include anything that caused you to incur costs or financial liability due to the negligence of others.

What Are Non-Economic Damages?

These are damages that caused you pain and suffering due to another person’s negligence. A serious accident or injury can cause mental and physical trauma that can last a lifetime after the accident or injury has occurred.

How Are Losses & Damages Calculated?

We hire experts to help us calculate the damages. We use vocational experts (occupation/employment), medical professionals and doctors, economists, and others to understand the true value of every case.

The personal injury attorneys at Frederick & Hagle have a track record of success – we have recovered OVER $100,000,000.00 for our clients.

source: 24-7 Pressrelease | Image: Unsplash

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