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Thank You For The Many Things You’ve Done

I woke up early this Thursday morning, reminiscing about my physical or (spiritual) conditions I went through about nine months ago.

Believe it or not, I forgot to thank Jesus for getting me out of that wheelchair, and a lot of other stuff he did for me. So, now I am officially saying “Thank you for the many things you’ve done.

I was confined to a wheelchair and in constant pain for about three months, both of my knees need to be replaced, so, I thought that was the reason I was confined to that wheelchair, and in so much pain, and still today I do not know how I got in that condition.

Six months ago, I got out of that wheelchair and started walking, and I still have not had the knee surgery, mostly because of the COVID-19 precautions. I don’t know why I did not immediately thank Jesus for the second I got up and started walking.

Back then I really did not know Jesus and I was afraid to ask him for help because I thought he would not help, you, see I am an awful sinner. When I got out of that wheelchair and started walking again, I thought it was luck or something I did.

This morning it was like Jesus saying to me “Remember when you were confined to that wheelchair”. It all came back to me real clear in every detail. I remembered how difficult and painful it was to dress myself, and difficult and painful to use the bathroom.

I could not take a bath or shower, so, I attempted to cleanse myself with bath washcloths, that my daughter bought for me, you can buy them at Targets, Walmart, or drug stores. The bath washcloths did not do a good job of physically cleaning my body.

I was in need of a good physical cleaning, but what I did not know I was desperately in need of a good spiritually cleaning. I did not take this incident as a warning from Jesus I thought it was just some more of my unknown problems that I went through.

If and when you hear Jesus’ voice calling you, go to him immediately with an open heart and mind. Confess your sins to him and ask him to forgive all of your sins. If you are sincere when you ask, he will forgive all of your sins.

No one else on earth can commit sins as worst as the sins I committed, so, if Jesus can forgive my sins as bad as they are, and he did forgive my sins, he surely will forgive your sins. It is good news to know no matter how bad we mess things up, Jesus will forgive and help us.

I know there are not any more people on earth like me, because I am the worst. No one on earth can be any worst sinner than me, no matter how hard you try. I had a hard time acknowledging that fact, I just did not want to be the worst sinner on earth.

Jesus told me to consider myself lower than anyone else on earth, now I understand why this is true. I have learned I cannot condemn anyone on earth no matter what they do or what sins they commit. I am like the people in the bible who wanted to stone the woman to death for her sins. I cannot condemn anyone or anything.

I would encourage everyone to take a good look at how you are living your life, make sure it aligns up with God’s words. Please do not go as far as I did, I regret that every day.

by: Damita K. | Image: Unsplash

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