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Man Have We Been Suckered!

There are desires in our hearts that we should have gotten rid of long ago,

but instead of getting rid of these desires, we hid them in the bottom of our hearts where no one could see them. While no humans will ever be able to see our hidden desires, a spirited individual can see all of our hidden stuff. Which shouts out to the world, man have we been suckered.

If I could see all of the hidden desires in your heart, and I could give them all to you, and I assured you it is OK for you to accept these pleasures without feeling guilty. I would win your heart over, and you would trust me, do whatever I say is good for you, and you would become one of my followers, without knowing you have been deceived.

So, that is what happened to most of us, and I do not know if we will find out in time to do something about it. Yes, we love earthly pleasure more than we are willing to admit. As a matter of fact, some of us have become so entwined with worldly stuff until we have unknowingly given our souls away for it.

Everyone knew someone was going to deceive us or try to deceive us. We were told who/what that individual would appear as and what that individual would say to us. Well, that individual said and did all of the things we knew they would, things we had heard before, things we believed in, so we trusted that individual.

I do not know if you can truthfully say we were deceived, it is more like someone gave us the bad stuff we had hidden in our heart which was not good for us, but we wanted it anyway. And now we have our nasty secret desires, which will do us more harm than good.

This good stuff the world is offering us is not something we just thought of recently, this is some forbidden stuff that has been in the bottom of our hearts for years or even decades. But now we have been told that it is OK to live out those forbidden thrills and to top that off Jesus himself has said it is OK.

Is there something we were supposed to be watching out for that would have prevented us from being taken over by the pleasures this world has to offer. And if so, where were we supposed to look for such information, maybe in the daily news section, our local and national leaders, maybe even your religious books.

It is easy to notice when someone else has been tricked because we notice they are more interested in material stuff than usual. If we look at ourselves, we will soon realize we have acquired a lot more material stuff, just as much or more than the person who we said had been tricked.

There are people and things that will trick (deceive) us because they are much more powerful than we are. And one of their major duties is to deceive us, any way they can, they will use stuff from our hearts, minds, even our own religious beliefs, to make us go astray.

We are all victims and there are no exceptions. It is sad to think all of the stuff some of us went through to protect ourselves from the deceiver, only to be taken over by him. Sometimes we build up big treasures where we should not have and now, we are unable to give up those earthly treasures.

Every day I am struggling to give up some of my earthly treasures (pleasures), it is not easy, but I know I have to, or my soul will be lost forever, just how did I get into this predicament, after all, I am supposed to be knowledgeable in that area.

by: Nash H. | Image: Pixabay